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... PREVIOUS 5.1 FOOD EXHIBITORS The exhibitor must submit a City of Ottawa Health Department form available at https://forms.ottawapublichealth.ca/Special-Event-Application-for-Food-Exhibitors and be Health Department inspected prior to opening for business. Failure to comply with all City of Ottawa Health Department requirements is deemed a breach of contract and must be cured as soon as possible, time being of the essence. Failure to do so will result in immediate closure and removal of the offending exhibitor from the Fairgrounds and a notice of the breach made available to other fairs and special events. IMPORTANT! Food exhibitors are responsible to provide at minimum, a triple pot wash sink (wash, rinse & sanitizing), a separate handwash sink and a greywater disposal system. The Fair provides a greywater receptacle with access for all food exhibitors. Dumping of greywater anywhere other than the Fair provided receptacle constitutes a gross breach of this contract. In the event of a violation, there will be one written warning issued allowing 24 hours to cure said breach. Failure to do so will result in immediate closure and removal of the offending exhibitor from the Fairgrounds and a notice of the breach made available to other fairs and special events. 5.2 GIVEAWAYS, CONTESTS, SAMPLING, ETC. If you are planning a giveaway or contest, a copy of your entry ballot/form and a completed Giveaway/Contest program will be required as part of your contract. Failure to do so will prohibit you from proceeding with your promotion and may result with the closure of your booth. All promotions must comply with all municipal, provincial and federal laws. All draws that advertise conclusion at the Fair must be drawn prior to 5:00pm, Sunday, August 23rd, 2020 and winners reported along with their contact information to the Main Fair Office prior to 6:00pm, Sunday, August 23rd, 2020. The Exhibitor agrees all ballot information is strictly confidential and will not be sold, loaned, rented, or given to any other individual or organization for any purpose, whatsoever. The Society reserves the right to deny a draw request at its discretion. Balloons cannot be given away, sold or distributed unless specifically approved in writing on this contract. Under no circumstances will helium filled balloons be allowed on the Fairgrounds. 5.3 ATTRACTIONS All advertised attractions are subject to change without notice and are neither implied nor promised to be part of any concession contract. 5.4 SECURITY Both private and Ottawa Police are contracted to patrol the Fairgrounds during each day of the Fair. Overnight "sentry" security is also provided to watch for suspicious activity. Be certain that this does not guarantee the safety of your property and the Society specifically does not assume any responsibility for any damage to, or theft of merchandise or equipment left on site. Security prior to and after the Fair is NOT provided. We recommend you take whatever steps you feel are appropriate to protect your valuables. 6.1 ADVANCED OPENINGS EARLY SALES: Exhibitors may open prior to the Fair to provide food service to the carnival or Fair workers. Limited advanced sales licenses are available for $100/day. SPECIAL NEEDS DAY: THURSDAY prior to Opening Day from 7 am to 3:00 pm
Hydro Ottawa, the Fair Board, volunteers, and World’s Finest Shows hosts a FREE party, including rides, tours of the attractions and a hot dog lunch for over 1,500 developmentally and physically challenged children and their caretakers. There is a limited vending opportunity from 9:00am to 3:00pm at this closed event for a flat $100 fee. DUE TO THE HIGH RISK ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PROGRAM, NO EXHIBITORS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS TO SET UP OR DELIVER STOCK UNTIL AFTER 3:00pm on this Thursday. 6.2 MEAL VOUCHERS (FOOD EXHIBITORS ONLY) The Fair Board provides MEAL VOUCHERS (see sample below) to our volunteers and associates. These can be redeemed for cash in the Main Office after 2:00pm on the last day of the Fair. The meal voucher is only valid for food purchases, must clearly show the date used, the actual purchase amount used and be signed by an authorizing director/supervisor and the volunteer/associate. Incomplete or incorrectly completed vouchers will not be honoured until corrected. Avoid any reimbursement delays and ensure that all vouchers are properly completed.





7.1 LODGING OPTIONS For visiting exhibitors, the Fair has preferential hotel rates negotiated with various Ottawa hotels. Please contact the office for further details (613) 741-3247. 7.2 CHECK IN Upon arrival, please check in at the Main Fair Office in the white house (4837 Albion Road) at the south-west end of the Fairgrounds. The Office will be open from Tuesday, Aug 4th to Tuesday Aug 25th from 9am to 4pm and open for extended hours during the Fair. Use 613-741-FAIR (613-741-3247) to contact the Main Fair Office and for emergencies 613-851-3567. 7.3 TRAILER LOAD-IN NEW!
At the Exhibitor's convenience a load-in appointment will be confirmed with the Fair's Concession Manager. Failure to arrive for the load-in will accrue a $106.20+HST late fee to be paid, prior to rescheduling the appointment. Failure to appear for the second appointment will forfeit all monies paid and void this contract. Long, or trailers with maneuvering challenges may be given load-in priority. For Exhibitors that require immediate power for refrigeration, it is their responsibility to contact the Fair's electrician to arrange for the proper connection. (see #8.1 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION). Failure to arrange for connection, plug/wiring configuration, voltage/amperage, etc. will require the Exhibitor to provide their own temporary generator to protect perishable goods. The concession line allocates at minimum, 2 to 3 feet of space between all exhibitors. It is your responsibility to provide sufficient information regarding your set up to allow the Committee to prepare for your arrival. If you are unable to bring your trailer down at your assigned time, please be sure the Concession Manager is aware of your situation and the type of trailer/booth you will be bringing. Locations are not guaranteed and if it is not possible to fit you in, an attempt may be made to change location or worst case scenario, refuse admission. Exhibitor deposits are non-refundable. Proper configuration of the Fairground is dependent on all participants cooperating to put on the best presentation possible. The Concession Committee will balance the show to allow each exhibitor the best possible opportunity to succeed, including strategic exhibitor placements for traffic flow. To ensure that no exhibitor(s) hides or obscures another, a line will be provided to align the front of the booths. During load-in, specifically to avoid subsequent repositioning, please be mindful of the line. If upon arrival you are unsure where the line is, see the Concession Manager. The line is the furthest point a exhibitor can extend their set up into the common public walk space. Signs, condiment tables, brochure stands, cooking equipment, or other obstructions cannot cross the line. Please take these types of items into account when positioning your joint. The intent is to line up all booth faces so no one is hidden or set back from the concession line. Front canopies are permissible and can extend up to 36 inches into the common walkway in front of the concession line. Canopies may not have vertical sides or hanging signage that obstructs the view of a neighbour. CONT...

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