Lots to see and do!


Chainsaw Carving


Sculptors are said to see their work within their medium and then they simply chip away  at it to reveal their vision.  Our chainsaw carver releases the inner beauty in a simple log and the results will amaze you.


Ask the lumberjack chainsaw carver about this amazing art form that produces gorgeous pieces suitable for the beautification of any cottage or front stoop.



Ultimutt Stunt Team


The pack of Pickles (Boston Terrier), Lollipop (Boston Terrier), Sashimi (Bengal Cat), Snickers (Australian Cattledog), Popcorn (Rat Terrier), Tonic (Rescue Cat), Jellybean (Australian Cattledog), Bella (Boston Terrier)  and Sophia (Black Lab) really packs our bleachers  two to three times daily during the 10 days of the Fair.


Trainer Melissa Millett plays with her crew to the delight of all, especially the performers who really love to show their stuff.


Scope out the performance times when you arrive and make sure to grab a seat early.

Monster Truck Ride


For only $5.00* you can experience the ride of your life.  This is one wild ride and nobody is wilder than Crazy Carrie, Oxford Mills only certified Monster School Bus driver.


But hey!  This ain't your everyday ride to school.


So strap in and hold on tight... the front door is about to close!



* - midway bracelets/coupons not valid


Enjoy 10 days of live entertainment including rock, blues, country and specialty acts.
NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT Over 30 amusement rides & attractions! Single coupons and discounted all-day bracelets available.
Enjoy* Ottawa's best buffet and roar as the drivers turn towards the finish line. * must be 19 years or older, except Sundays (11am to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm) and Thursdays (5pm to 10pm) Find all your favorite fair foods at the Capital Fair. Looking for a souvenir hat or T-shirt? Visit our many vendors for that perfect item. The Greely Lions are dedicated to helping the residents of Greely and surrounding region. Every drink helps support these efforts. Cheers!

Blacksmith Demonstration


Part blacksmith, part storyteller and part historian the Blacksmith invites as he works the red hot steel on the anvil, changing its form before your eyes...

  The smell of soft coal smoke, the roar of the bellows and the steady rhythm of the hammer and anvil blend to create a magical environment that will transport you back into the past...

  Join the Blacksmith as he stokes the forge, hammers the iron and resurrects the sights, smells and spirit of blacksmithing at the Capital Fair.

  Look for our Blacksmith and... "Hear the Anvil Ring!"

Birds of Prey


Presenting the Canadian Raptor Conservatory and  their efforts to provide bird rehabilitation.  Their home facility cares for sick and injured birds of prey that have come from wild populations.


They work very closely with veterinarians to assess injuries and try, if at all possible, to return the birds back to the wild.


They typically take in over 50 birds per year into their  rehab program.




We were so excited to introduce our new Fairgrounds to Ottawa but a pandemic had other ideas.


We will be back in 2021,

stronger than ever!


We look forward to

seeing you then!

We were so excited to introduce our new Fairgrounds to Ottawa but a pandemic had other ideas. We will be back in 2021,
stronger than ever! We look forward to
seeing you then!




If you're crazy enough to climb a 50ft tree then you probably are good with an axe or a chainsaw or even better at dunking your friend at a log rolling challenge.


Add in a pile of lumberjack humour and the show promises to have the crowd rolling with laughter.


With numerous shows daily, this new program will quickly become a major attraction to the Capital Fair.


Bleacher seating will be available but plan to be early.  This is not a show you want to miss.

The Gloucester Agricultural Society

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